Let This Exhibition Be Filled With Love

Let the Exhibition be Filled by Love (La høstutstillingen) (1997) is a brodery (approx 35x20 cm) made for Høstutstillingen/Statens Kunstutstilling in Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. The text says; "Let this exhibition be filled with love".

The work is one out of several based on contrasts between living space and gallery space. Bringing this pious wish, this prayer, from a traditional home, into a gallery with it's distanced, analytic audience, refreshes the awareness of both contexts. The irony produced is about seeing the ambiguous, and does include seriousness, commitment and passion.

Another issue that the work deals with is how art works in exhibitions comment on and influence each other. Could this little embroidery affect the way one looked at the other 100+ works in «Høstutstillingen»?

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