Nothing.No - Portal to Nothing

Nothing.no (2001 - 2005) is a portal and a guide to the presence of nothing. Its focus is the users and the uses of nothing within contemporary culture and politics. The portals content, its features, guides and its search engine, comments on who and how nothing is maintained as nothing.

nothing.no - was a part of Thailand New Media Art Festival, 20 - 28 March, 2004, Bangkok, Thailand. nothing.no It was featured in I - Fjords - Netart from Northern Europe, curated by Agricola de Cologne for JavaMuseum.org, presented during Electronic Art Meeting Prescara (Italy) PEAM 2004 in the framework of [R][R][F] 2004 --->XP and at New Media Fest 2020.

Nothing.no is published by the Association of Nothing. Its editor is Arne Rygg. Published with support from Norsk kulturfond, Bildende kunstneres Vederlagsfond og Bergen kommune.