The Only Possible

Brick columns (height: 150 cm, diameter: 700 cm) reading "Nestekjærlighet er realpolitikk" ("Altruism is realpolitik"). Sketches and proposal for a public commisioned artwork in a roundabout at Fornebu, Oslo. (Not realised.)

"Altruism is realpolitik, the only possible" was a motto held up by Fridtjof Nansen - Norwegian polar explorer, humanist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate - in his international engagement for refugees and peace. Nansen lived at Fornebu from 1901 until his death in 1930.

The bricks in the columns are copies of those used in the nearby listed building; the watchtower of the now discontinued old Oslo Airport.

Read more about Nansen and altruism at nobelprize.org.